Code of Conduct

Membership Guidelines

We strive to maintain an inclusive, rather than exclusive,approach towards recruitment. We welcome members of all levels of experience and all classes. We also welcome people of all ages with one restriction: we do not allow members under the age of 13 without a parent in the kinship/guild. Aside from that, we'll welcome anyone who understands what this community is about and thinks they'd enjoy being here. Please note that we do not require members to be practicing Christians. We have members who are not Christians, but appreciate the clean, friendly atmosphere.

Rules and Expectations


RotL does not require it's members to focus on any particular element of the game. If you enjoy PVMP, you're welcome to pursue that. If you enjoy high end content, you're welcome to set up and attend raids. If you enjoy playing PVPVE or PvE, go for it. If you have many alts and never level beyond 30, that's okay as well. A member must abide by Turbine's/NC Soft's Terms of Service at all times.

A member is encouraged to set up groups with other members for elite quests and instances. However we encourage you to utilize the calendar and forums as your primary method of establishing groups. Posting in kinship/guild/legion chat that you're looking for a group is fine, but don't be surprised if you're unable to get something set up at the drop of a hat. If a person finds themselves as leader of a PUG with other RotL members involved, it is very beneficial to explain that we keep the chat at a G rating. Also any loot rules such as need/greed should be discussed. This will hopefully clear up any issues before they happen. If you do ever find yourself part of a group that falls outside RotL's 'G rating' or outside of your own morality, please feel free to leave the group and contact the leadership if RotL or its alliances were involved in any way.

In addition RotL believes that instances, and elite quests, are best when completed with characters of the appropriate level. As such we do not support the practice of having a high level character run someone through instances or queststo help them gain levels quickly. There will be times when exceptions will be made, but as a general practice we do not support it.

As RotL has a strong reputation behind it, we expect our members to treat others with the utmost respect and decency, regardless if they're in our kinship/guild/legion or not. Treating people with respect & being polite in game is the same as in rl (real life.) We also will not tolerate "Drama"(show of excessive, exaggerated emotion) of any kind. Nor do we tolerate actions that may cause "drama" such as being overly critical, rude, insulting, name calling, bad mouthing, back stabbing, confrontational, or anything of that nature. If you feel you must say something, make sure it is both constructive and respectful. If an issue arises please quietly make an officer or committee member aware so that it may be dealt with. We take any reports of improper conduct very seriously. As long as your kinship/guild/legion tag says "Reflections of the Light or Ambassadors of the Light" you carry those expectations with you.

RotL does not allow, or support, account sharing. If a Kinship/Guild/Legion member's account is found to be used by someone other than the individual who applied to the Kinship/Guild/Legion (or immediate family member, who is also in the guild), that member, and any alts, will be removed promptly. The member in question is welcome to reapply at a later date. Depending on the circumstances of the event in question they may or may not be allowed back into the Kinship/Guild/Legion.

Kinship/Guild/Legion Chat

As this is a family friendly guild with members in every age group, we maintain a very clean guild chat. Cursing is never allowed, this includes using the Lord's name in Vain in any form (ex..OMG) nor are topics that would not be appropriate for a G rated movie.  We also require our members to abstain from any language that may even be considered "questionable" at all times, regardless of their intended audience.  You never know who is listening or reading what over a shoulder.  Any member of RotL can tell another player that they would appreciate the language kept at a G rating, regardless if the group is a PUG or not. In the event that someone violates these rules, a council member or officer of the kinship/guild will speak to them, and work to correct the behavior. Members wishing to discuss serious topics are welcome to utilize the PM (personal message) section of the forum.  If there is a problem, please contact an officer or council member either ingame, or via pm on the forums. We take any concern or problem seriously, and want all our kinmates/guildmates to be happy and have a good time.


As previously stated, this is a Christian kinship/guild. As such, discussion of Christian beliefs are not only allowed but encouraged. As we come from many different backgrounds, disparaging or derogatory comments about other groups are not allowed. Lastly, as we have non-believers in this community we need to focus on creating an atmosphere where all are welcome.