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re: Loot rules

Reflections of The Light – LoTRO Loot Rules

Intent Our rules are designed to help eliminate the frustration sometimes involved in loot systems. This wonderful game is better when all parties benefit from questing and can improve their character. It’s more fun when everyone is having fun! Please be considerate of other players needs, share loot when it helps your fellow kinmates and let's all enjoy the fellowship! Reflections of the Light is about 'people and fellowship first, loot second'.

The Basics With Turbine's implement of pending loot system that gives people items from fights mostly applicable to their class, the loot has become much less complicated. The following rules are for landscape questing (chests/backpacks/corpse) & the boss battle chests in skirmish.

Reflections of the Light (RotL) fellowships use NEED/GREED/PASS with Master looter set for BoA items.

The leader of fellowships that include non-CotL players should explain the loot rules up front and use the Master Loot system for BoA.

If you are eligible to use an item on the character you are currently playing and it's an upgrade: Click NEED

If you are not eligible, or it is not an upgrade for you, but you do want it: Click GREED

Otherwise: Click PASS

What do we mean by eligible? Being eligible for Weapon, Armor, Jewelry, etc means that your class can use it. Example: A hunter cannot use and therefore should never roll NEED on Heavy Armor. Being eligible for crafting materials means your profession can actually make use the item. Example: A Tinker (Cook, Jeweler, Prospector) cannot use and therefore should never roll NEED on Faded Sindarin Passages (a scholar item). Bind on Acquire (BoA) Items All members must pass on these (if they come up for roll). Then once everyone has passed, it is determined who needs the item and then a /roll is done to determine who gets it. FAQ What if in the heat of battle I'm not sure at a glance what to click?

When in doubt click GREED and then ask about the eligibility of item as soon as you can. If someone else could have used it, you can always trade with the person who needed it.

Can we use other loot systems without violating the rules we have agreed upon? Alternate looting systems such as Roll/Pass are available if all parties involved agree to it beforehand. If the fellowship leader agrees to something other than Need/Greed/Pass they are then responsible for any issues that arise. As with anything, feel free to ask any questions you may have, in the forums, or in game. Thanks for taking your time to help make this a great kin! updated 2/2014

All things work together for good to them that love the Lord, -Rom 8:28

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