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re: Kin Bank/Chests... how we work them


Our kinship chests are a wonderful thing and at first I thought how great they would be. We could all put things for our kinship in there and as others from our kin needed them, they could help themselves. I would have preferred leaving it at full member access, however, after becoming aware of some player scams going on, we started to question whether or not full member access was going to work.

First of all, our decision is not based on any current members in our kinship. We think highly of all of you and would not suspect any of you to be dishonest and disloyal. What we are attempting to do by changing our rules is to prevent anything happening in the future where are kinship could be infiltrated and have our kinship chest be wiped out by dishonest players, as has happened to other kinships on Gladden.


All items in the kinship chests located in the kinship house will be listed in the bank thread on the website. We will make every effort to maintain an accurate up-to-date inventory. You are eligible to request any item that your character can use.

If you would like to donate items:

Simply send it to any officer or council member and designate it for the kinship chest. It will be placed in the kinship chests and entered into the bank on the website as soon as possible.   Curabanker has volunteered for the task of bank upkeep.  Thanks!

If you find an item listed in the kinship bank that you want:

You may request the item by contacting any officer or council member in-game or simply log onto the kinship website, find the item in the bank inventory and reply to the bank thread. Officers and council members will make every effort to routinely check for items being ‘Wanted’ and arrange for you to receive the item. The officer and/or council member will then remove your ‘want’ and reconcile the available quantity.

Note about available quantities:

The bank listing shows available quantities. An item may have already been distributed and is not actually available even though it exists in the bank listing. Adding yourself as a ‘Wanter’ for an item that is not available can be a good alert to other members of something you need.

Kinship Chest Overflow

In the event that more items are donated than we have room for in the kinship chests, the officers and/or council members will take lesser items and either offer them to kinship members that are in-game at the time and/or sell them to make room for the newly donated pieces. The funds would then be placed towards kinship hall upkeep payments.

Again, we don't suspect anyone in the kinship of being anything but absolutely honorable, we are doing this to hopefully prevent any possible threat to our kinship at a future date. We take our responsibility to our member seriously and want to be good stewards of the donations our members are making, to make sure they are being used properly and as intended.

Update: (2014) After a kinmeeting last year when the chests were open, I forgot to "lock" them again. The next day, I remembered & went back to a totally cleaned out kinchest.  All memebers were completely understanding & forgiving of my error.  It did go to prove the need for this system though.

EDIT: 11/26/2007: HorribleJoe71 made an excellent suggestion of another way we can make items available to fellow kinship members. He suggested we make use of the kinship auction function in the AH. This would be another great way to make items available and share them with your fellow kinsfolk! Something to keep in mind is that the safeguards we have incorporated concerning donated items stored in the kinchests will not be in affect with AH items. Still, this is another great option for sharing, thank you Joe for the idea!

Thanks all and God bless!

All things work together for good to them that love the Lord, -Rom 8:28

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